You Are The Expert

Many of my clients have been dealing with chronic illness for a long time and they don’t know where else to turn.

They’ve read every book, watched every online summit, been to every doctor, and tried every diet/supplement/program/(fill in the blank).

They’re searching for answers outside of themselves and hoping that someone will be able to help them.

I applaud them for their diligent efforts.

Often times we do find answers by reaching out to others.

But what about the answers you have inside of you?

I’m talking about your intuition.

Too often people hand over their health and well being to “the experts” and follow their advice while ignoring their own internal wisdom.

For best results, seek out a medical professional who will collaborate with you on your treatment.

Your doctor may be an expert in science but you are the expert on you.

Combining these two perspectives is where the magic happens.

Listen to their medical advice and then check in with yourself. Does it feel right to you? Have a conversation about it and work together to find the best solution.

Your intuition is a gift.

Cherish it and honor it.

Your body will thank you.

Have an amazing weekend!!

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