Are you ready to start feeling good again?

Having an autoimmune illness can feel like someone hijacked your life. The body you used to count on has been taken hostage, and you are left with a foggy brain, no energy, and lots of aches and pains. And you are way too young to feel this old and this sick.

But I have great news!
Together we can find a solution.
So take a deep breath and come with me.
I’ll show you how to take control of your health and start living the life you are meant to live.

Restoring Balance to Conquer Autoimmunity

…is my signature program designed with you in mind. I combine the latest research and teachings of the most well respected functional medicine practitioners with cutting-edge coaching tools to help you restore balance to your whole system from the inside out. And best of all? You don’t have fit the program. I make the program fit you.

Private Coaching Programs

If you prefer the privacy of individual coaching and want a program tailored just for you then private coaching is the way to go! During our private sessions, I will walk you through the “Restoring Balance to Conquer Autoimmunity” program and show you how to apply these principles to your specific situation. In addition to private coaching sessions, you will receive the “Restoring Balance to Conquer Autoimmunity Workbook”. You will also have email access to me and I will gladly coordinate with your medical provider at your request. You will learn the tools you need to restore balance and start feeling like yourself again!

**My coaching practice is currently full. Click here to join my waiting list to be notified when there is an opening.

Group Coaching Programs

If you love the support of a group and enjoy learning and sharing with others then group coaching is a perfect fit! This program features a private intake session, 10 group sessions, and a private wrap-up session. In addition, you will also will receive the “Restoring Balance to Conquer Autoimmunity Workbook”. For added support you will have access to the group members and me through a private online forum. As a group you will learn specific tools and practice implementing them so you can take control of your health and finally feel good again!

**Group programs are currently full. Add your name below to be notified when a group opens up. If you live in the Las Vegas/Henderson area, in-person groups are also an option.**

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I’ll show you how to conquer autoimmunity and start feeling better!

Coaching will help you restore balance and feel better so you can stay out of the doctor’s office and enjoy life.

Group Coaching Program

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