The trick to “New Year’s Resolutions” is doing them backwards

Happy New Year!!!

I love starting a fresh, new year!

Did you make any new year’s resolutions?

I used to make a long list…
eat healthy,
be more diligent with my religious studies,
be more patient with my kids,

You know this list, right?

All my resolutions were wonderful, worthy goals, but I always ended up feeling overwhelmed.

So now I do it differently.

I work backwards.

I ask myself,
Who do I want to become this year?
Who do I want to be on December 31, 2019?

And then I spend time thinking about and getting to know this new version of myself.

-What would she be thinking about?
-How would she handle the difficulties I’m currently facing?
-How would she spend her time?
-What would be important to her?
-How would she be feeling?
-How would she take care of her body?
-What would she do to facilitate healing?

And so on.

She turns into my mentor, and I become more and more like her every day by thinking, feeling, and acting as she would.

So rather than making yourself a big long “to-do” list for 2019, focus on who you want to “become”.

Start at the end and work backwards.

Sending love and healing to you in 2019!


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