I love working with Aimee and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their health and wellness. She helped me to understand and listen to what my body was telling me from the inside out. I appreciate that she thoroughly understands how nutrition, exercise and mental wellness work together. One of the things I was most impressed with was her knowledge and ability to adapt to concerns, whether it be dietary, the type of workout I needed, or goals I set for myself. Aimee takes time to listen to your concerns and helps you become a healthier and happier you.

Leslie S.

After weight loss surgery I knew I needed to change my relationship with food. Enter Aimee, Weight Loss Life Coach extraordinaire! The information she gave me and the knowledge I gained from working with her was priceless. Now I view food as fuel for my body to give me the energy to do the kinds of physical activities I love doing instead of indulging in a plate of cookies while watching a movie. I control the food I eat, it doesn’t control me anymore. Thank you Aimee for helping me understand my thoughts and feelings, enabling me to make good food choices, and teaching me to live a life I can enjoy to the fullest.

Shannon D.

Coaching with Aimee was an amazing experience for me. Her insightful questions combined with her compassion were exactly what I needed to have clarity in my life to make positive changes. She even coached me on some painful past events and helped me find relief from them – finally!

Her understanding of the complexity and challenges that go along with health problems is amazing. She has helped me to live a fuller and happier life, despite the physical limitations of my autoimmune issues. My life has truly changed in a way I never thought possible. Thank you Aimee!

Molly F.


I have known Aimee for many years and am blessed to have her in my life. Aimee has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and has had an incredible impact on my life. From our awesome personal training sessions, to nutrition and life coaching, she always makes sure I understand how to live a healthy life and make the positive changes that I desire. Aimee has helped me to live and see life in a more positive light and I am forever grateful for all that she has done for me!

Camecia M.

For years I had been going to the gym trying different work outs and diets but rarely seeing the changes I wanted. Luckily, I went to Aimee looking for a change and she delivered! Through her workout and nutrition counseling I finally started seeing the results. Not only were her workouts fun and intense, within weeks I saw more muscle tone and started slimming in those hard to target areas. My core felt stronger and the back pain that I have struggled with for years started to lessen. Aimee tailors my workouts to my personal needs to help me reach my goals. Every time I meet with her I learn valuable information about nutrition and health. She taught me how to listen to my body rather than just restricting my diet and playing diet number games. Since I started working with Aimee, I feel better, stronger, more energized and focused on my personal health goals. I love working with Aimee!

Katie W.
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