Where Life Coaching Meets Autoimmunity

Living with an autoimmune illness can be confusing and overwhelming.  You may have suffered for years before receiving a diagnosis, or perhaps you are still searching for one.  Even if you have a diagnosis, you may not know what to do with it.  You might feel like you have completely lost control of your body, your health, and your life.

Often times doctors make suggestions on lifestyle changes that can help their patients feel better – things like managing or decreasing stress, eliminating inflammatory foods and making dietary changes, improving quality of sleep, getting appropriate exercise, etc.  These are all extremely important factors when treating autoimmunity – but many patients leave the doctor’s office knowing what they should be doing, but don’t have any idea how to actually do it.

And that is where Life Coaching meets Autoimmunity.


As an Autoimmune Coach…

I help you make permanent changes that help you reverse autoimmunity and create the life you want.  One that is full of health and happiness.

I will be your guide and your coach.  You will be the expert.  Because nobody knows your body better than you.  I will teach you principles and give you tools to help restore balance in your body.  You will decide what works best and where you need the most help.

Our work together is not meant to take the place of working with a trusted medical professional, but rather to complement that work, and help you implement the treatment plan you’ve been given.


What makes this coaching program unique?  Let me tell you…

1. We focus on Mindset

We identify your thought patterns and teach you how to think on purpose.  How you think about your life and your illness determines how you experience them.

Don’t get me wrong, your illness is real.  It’s physical.  Your symptoms are real.  And they impact your everyday life in a very real way.  But your mind is one of the best tools you have to help you feel better.  So let’s put it to work!

Not only do your thoughts hold the key to feeling better, they can also create lasting behavioral changes, and improve every other aspect of your life.  Not because you can “think” your way out of things but rather because your thoughts create your emotions, which drive your actions, which create your results.

Learning how to manage your mind can completely change your life.  You are no longer a victim of your circumstances.  It puts you back in the driver’s seat.  You may not control what life throws at you, but you can definitely control how you experience it.  Now that’s empowering!

2. We go beyond the basics

Your gut health determines whether you are sick or well.  That’s why almost all integrative programs, including this one, focus on dietary changes.  But we don’t stop there.  Healing your gut is only the beginning.  We work to balance all areas of your life and cover the following topics:

Balance from the Inside Out
Balancing your Mind
Implementing Balanced Nutrition
Creating a Balanced Lifestyle
Balancing the Scale
Balancing Daily Demands
Inner Balance
Creating Balanced Relationships
A Joyful Balance
Creating a Balanced Future

3. I coordinate your treatment

With your permission, I’m available to coordinate with your medical provider to make sure we are all working toward the same goals and determine how coaching can help you comply with your treatment plan.  I can also provide him or her with regular updates about all the amazing progress you’re making.

4. It’s customized to meet your needs

Together, we make the program fit you.  You don’t have to fit the program.  We spend our time and attention on the areas where you need the most help.  It’s that simple.

Is this the coaching program you’ve been looking for?  Let’s talk.

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I’ll show you how to conquer autoimmunity and start feeling better!

Coaching is the missing piece that will help you get the results you are looking for and get back to living the life you are meant to live.

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