How do you treat your BFF?

Having a best friend is so fun, isn’t it?

You know everything about each other – the good, the bad, the ugly – and you love each other anyway.

You watch out for each other, want what is best for each other, and if your BFF isn’t perfect or makes a mistake you always give her the benefit of the doubt, right?

What if you started treating your body as your very best friend?

How would things be different for you?

What foods would you put into your body?
How many hours of sleep would you give your body?
What type of movement would be most helpful for your body?
What other healing practices would you make room for in your life?

And one of the most important questions…

How would you treat your body when it didn’t work exactly the way you wanted it to?

It’s so easy to get frustrated in these situations, but what if you offered yourself love and understanding instead of frustration and anger?

Think about this…

When your body is tired, but there’s no room for rest in your schedule, what do you do? How do you treat yourself?

Then look at it this way, if you had plans with your BFF and at the last minute she said she was too exhausted to follow through, what would you say to her?

My guess is you’d offer her kindness and compassion.

Give the same gift to yourself.

Be your own “best friend”.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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