Access Your Intuition

Last week I talked about following your intuition and I received so many emails from people telling me they want to follow their intuition but just don’t know how to access it.

I can relate. I used to be that way too.

Often times we defer to the “experts”, or authority figures, or cultural norms, and we don’t even know what we think anymore.

We allow other loud voices to drown out our own.

It’s as if we pushed the mute button on our intuition.

But the good news is that you can unmute it and start hearing all the wonderful things it has to say.

In order to access your intuition, start by turning inward, find some quiet space in your life and shut out all the outside noise.

By outside noise I mean things like…

  • other peoples opinions
  • the latest trends and fads
  • the “expert” talks you’ve been listening to
  • other authority figures that are on autoplay in your head

You don’t have to shut these things out permanently, just long enough to give some volume to your own voice.

Ask yourself questions like…

  • What do I think is best for me right now?
  • If my body could talk what would it tell me?
  • How can I show up authentically in my body and in my life?

Then hand your intuition the microphone and be really quiet.

If you’re not used to listening to you intuition, you might think it’s not working.

But continue this practice every single day.

It might take a couple of days, or a week, or a month.

But eventually your intuition will come out of hiding and present you with wisdom more precious gold.

Trust yourself.

You’ve got this.

Sending lots of love to you!

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