How do you treat your BFF?

Having a best friend is so fun, isn’t it? You know everything about each other – the good, the bad, the ugly – and you love each other anyway. You watch out for each other, want what [...]

Sprinkle Your Life With Joy

One of the great purposes of life is for us to have joy. That doesn’t mean that we won’t have challenges or face difficulties, it just means that we are meant to have joy along the way. And it’s [...]

Love, Compassion, and Self-Acceptance

Let’s talk about love. Isn’t it fun to feel love for the people in your life? Think abut the people you love and why you love them, and then just sit and feel the love for a minute. So fun, [...]

The Secret to Creating Your Ideal Life

Would you like to create your ideal life? When I ask my clients what their ideal life would look like they often get emotional. For some of them it seems so far off and impossible to achieve. But [...]

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